Christ Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

"Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you."  -- Matthew 11:28

Thank you for visiting Christ Church!  While no website can fully convey the true spirit of a church, we hope that by exploring this site you can gain a better view into our Christian community. Please consider this to be an invitation to you to come worship with us and share our fellowship joyfully praising Christ in a caring and compassionate family of Christians. 

August 12 Pub(lic) Theology: Meet Daniel the New Methodist Pastor

Dear Christ Church,

Pub(lic) Theology continues this Wednesday at 6:45 on Zoom with Daniel Guenther, the new pastor at Smith Memorial Methodist Church, as our speaker!

You can join and hang out informally around 6:45 and then Daniel will begin his talk at 7:00.

As someone who takes exercise and health seriously, he is going to be talking about how God works through our bodies and physical health.

At 6:45 on Wednesday you can follow the link below to join our gathering:

Zoom Pub(lic) Theology Link

I hope to see you on Wednesday!


August 9 Zoom Worship Service
Bible Study and Worship on Sunday, August 9

Dear Christ Church,

I hope that you all can join us for church this weekend!

We are worshipping on Zoom. As always, our service will be at 10:30. We will also have our normal Bible Study on Genesis on Zoom that begins at 9:30. I am available if you would like some help joining us on Sunday. If you prefer to watch after the service is over, it will be recorded, and uploaded to Youtube shortly after the service concludes on Sunday.

This week we are diving into Genesis Chapter 16, which is one of the more controversial and uncomfortable passages in Genesis. It is filled with brokenness, enduring promises and God’s grace. I hope that you join us and meeting Hagar, and Abram’s first son Ishmael at 9:30 on Zoom! 

Bible Study Link

Here is the Zoom link to our Worship Service. You can join by simply clicking the link around 10:30 on Sunday on a computer or on a cell phone or tablet with the Zoom app downloaded.

Worship Service Link  

I look forward to seeing you then!



Come to the Gathering Place!

This Sunday we are offering Evening Prayer in the Gathering Space behind the Church building at 5:00. This will be an in-person service and there will be a few responsible steps that we are going to take to ensure that everyone is safe. There will be no singing, and we will not hand out prayer books or bulletins. If You like, you may print a bulletin from the website. We are also requiring everyone to wear masks, and to maintain social distance with others of at least six feet. We are also going to record everyone that is present, so if anyone comes down with symptoms later we can let the rest of the group know. I know this sounds like a lot, but this is how we respect each other’s health and make sure our Church does not become an epicenter for the disease. Even with all of these caveats I am still thrilled to worship with you in person on Sunday!

Please Support the Church!

Even though we will not be literally passing the plate on Sunday, I encourage you to continue to keep the Church in mind with your generosity. We are working harder than ever to continue to be the Church in this strange time, and we need your support. We have a PayPal link on the giving page of our website, where you can easily give online. A link to the page is below. If you prefer to give to the Church with a check or cash you are able to mail those gifts into the Church, or to simply put them through the mail slot of the Church office. Once again thank you for your support during this time when we are called to be physically distant.

Giving to the Church


8:00 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite I

10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite II

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