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"Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you."  -- Matthew 11:28

Thank you for visiting Christ Church!  While no website can fully convey the true spirit of a church, we hope that by exploring this site you can gain a better view into our Christian community. Please consider this to be an invitation to you to come worship with us and share our fellowship joyfully praising Christ in a caring and compassionate family of Christians. 

Sunday Bible Study and Worship Links

Dear Christ Church,

Bible study will be conducted via Zoom.  It will be led by several knowledgeable and quite capable lay persons. Join us as we continue reading and discussing Genisis at chapter 32.  The Sunday morning 10:00am worship service will be from Council. The link is listed below.

Bible Study Link 


A direct link to the Sunday Eucharist service at 10:00 am from Council on Sunday, January 31 is as follows:


Thank you.

A Letter from Our Senior Warden, Hank Long

Senior Warden Message

January 2021

The Saturday before Christmas, there was an article about Coach Nick Saban of Alabama prior to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta. Coach Saban had missed the Auburn game with COVID-19. A reporter at the press conference asked if he was reinvigorated. He replied,“Well, I didn’t know I was not vigorated. I guess you have to not be vigorated to get reinvigorated. I hope I’ve been vigorated all year. I owe it to the players. That’s my job.”

So, our challenge as a parish is to not get un-invigorated.

Father Nick has left us in very good shape as Natalie Coleman noted in her letter last month. She outlined all the opportunies we will still have to connect even without a Rector and following COVID protocols. We have members and employees giving their time and talent so we can continue to worship.

We did have a couple of glitches in recording the Sunday Service last week but have learned from this. Also, the worship link in the e-mail did not work for some reason. The link from the Church Website is a good backup if this happens again.

Your vestry’s number one priority will be to get the search process started and we hope to meet with the Diocese to start the process shortly.

The first step for the vestry will be picking a search committee. The optimum number is 8 people, and following are the desired characteristics:

Spiritual sensitivity
Work well in a committee setting
Listening and communicating skills
Ability to take an active role in the ministries of the church
Enthusiasm for the task

Once we have a committee with a leader, the following is the Diocesan process:

Congregational Self Study

Parish wide Discernment

Vestry maintains day to day life of congregation
Prayer & communication about discernment process becomes part of the fabric of congregational life

Engage and carry out congregational self-study exercises to understand and articulate the history, current identity, and future hopes of the parish

The above will include a parish survey, and an update to our profile.

Congregation Opens to New Clergy Leadership

Discerning call of potential Clergy Leader

Position advertised
Bishop’s office receiving names of interested candidates or candidates recommended

Congregation discerns with potential clergy leaders

Potential call of a clergy person presented to Bishop

Call to New Ministry

Final Discernment

Clergy person presented to Vestry for official call

Announcement to congregation on agreed date

Letter of Agreement negotiated and signed

Conclusion of Transition

Transition process draws to close and new ordained leader welcomed

Congregation’s work celebrated and thanked

Prepare to welcome new clergy person

Celebration of New Ministry

This will take time, and we will give you updates as the process moves forward.

Today is the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ. The last few years we have met at Lynn and Phil Gardner’s farm for the burning of our Christmas trees and fellowship.That is obviously not in the cards for tonight. But let us keep the faith that sometime in the not so near future, we will be able to meet again in person for worship and share the love we have for each other.


Hank Long
Senior Warden


A Stewardship Letter from Greg Morrison

Dear fellow parishioners:

I would like to talk to you about the future.

In the months leading up to the moment that we called Father Nick to serve as our priest, we had many frank and thoughtful conversations about the nature of our church. In the Search Committee’s meetings, in formal gatherings, and in a hundred phone calls and curbside talks, we hammered out what kind of church we wanted to be. Sometimes, priests complain about parishioners who never utter a word, but then step into the parking lot to vent their true feelings. We succeeded in bringing those parking lot conversations into the church.

The result of all that thought and effort galvanized our congregation. For four years, we have delighted in Nick and his family: in his joy, his spontaneity, and his willingness to support and encourage us. We have renovated much of our shared space: the rectory, the parish house, the undercroft, the nursery and the sanctuary are now marked by the hard work of Carol Deaton, Dan Cahill, and many others. We have weathered sorrow and fear under Nick’s guidance; we have lost people we love, and we have endured a historic pandemic. Throughout, he has been a shepherd to us, a leader of our flock.

As I am sure he would want me to say, much of what has happened in these four years has been the work of our congregation. But it would be a distortion to ignore the infusion of excitement and charisma that Nick has brought. He has helped us to refresh the dynamic, daring, and loving spirit of our church.

Throughout this letter, I have been looking for other ways to say “joy,” because ultimately, I think that is the legacy of Nick’s time here. For our purposes, there’s an even better word: “enthusiasm.” It has come to be a small word, one that we use for staff meetings and forced fun. But originally, it meant something entirely different. “Enthusiasm” meant becoming so filled with the Spirit of God that it changed you into an entirely new being -- precisely the sort of change that Jesus spoke of in the Gospel of John, when He says that His followers “must be born again.”

As all of us consider our donations and pledges here at the end of the year, I want to think about where we will be a year from now. A year older, hopefully wiser, richer in some ways, poorer in others. We will meditate on the absence of our priest, and search among hopeful and qualified candidates for a new shepherd. This time will ask much of us, in a moment when services are still mostly distanced, and we cannot gather.
Whether we have called a priest or not, whether we have returned to the normal routine of services, I hope that we will have carried forward the best parts of Nick’s tenure here. I hope that we will still be enthusiastic: filled with the Spirit of God, and braver than before.

Yours in Christ,

Gregory Morrison

Please Support the Church!

Even though we will not be literally passing the plate on Sunday, I encourage you to continue to keep the Church in mind with your generosity. We are working harder than ever to continue to be the Church in this strange time, and we need your support. We have a PayPal link on the giving page of our website, where you can easily give online. A link to the page is below. If you prefer to give to the Church with a check or cash you are able to mail those gifts into the Church, or to simply put them through the mail slot of the Church office. Once again thank you for your support during this time when we are called to be physically distant.

Giving to the Church


8:00 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite I

10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite II

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